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Episode 1 - Deiondra's Big Date

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We love living in Prosper, Texas. It's a diamond in the rough, because we wanted lots of what God doesn't make anymore: land. Places like Los Angeles were never even in the running. I love my home, but I never make the bed. Not 100%, not 30%... never. And when Pilar won our bet with her football picks, I just tried to block it out. I didn't want her to get a big head about it. Honestly, I really didn't think she knew that much about the game!

Helping Deiondra get ready for her first date was great. She my first born, and she's starting to venture out. I expect to be a part of something like this with my children. And I had so much fun scaring Tip. It was a good time, definitely, but I was serious. Anyone who comes to see me about my daughters should expect no less from me.

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